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Planning my meal for the “Big Game”

It's been a hectic couple of weeks. Hence the lack of posts, but I do have a couple in the backlog that will be coming soon. I took some time and got my ServSafe certification for food handling, I did... Continue Reading →

Boy Scouts. Boy Chefs. 

Not every weekend is full of culinary bliss. In fact about 9 of my weekends a year are filled with food prepared entirely by 11 to 16-year-old boys - Boy Scouts that is. As noted in my About page, I... Continue Reading →

Homemade seasoning for a taco night, done right

Taco night is popular in our house. In fact, Elisabeth is never too proud to beg for them. Making tacos is easy, and quick for a busy weeknight dinner, but I always feel a little guilty about grabbing the package... Continue Reading →

Perfect BBQ ribs using Raichlen’s new math – the 3-1-1

It was 32°F on December 31st here in central New England, and so it seemed as good a day as any for barbecue to me. We were attending a New Year's Eve get-together that evening with some friends and offered to bring... Continue Reading →

How To: Smoke Salt in a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

I was reading through The Barbecue! Bible - Sauces, Rubs and Marinades by Steven Raichlen the other day looking over barbecue sauces and saw how many recipes call for adding liquid smoke or smoked salt to them. I'm not a big... Continue Reading →

Video: How to Cut Whole Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are great in so many ways. Of course you can prepare them whole, but when you want to make them even easier to eat, going with drumettes and wingettes is the way to go. You can opt to... Continue Reading →

The first rule in cooking

Over the years I've developed a solid rule to live by in the kitchen. I call it the "Three Try Rule." Simply put, it takes three tries at a recipe to get it right. If I hadn't figured this out... Continue Reading →

Butter as an ingredient – to use salted or unsalted

Butter is a staple ingredient in my pantry and is found in many a recipe but most home cooks are likely to just use regular, sweet, salted butter almost exclusively. This though is more often than not a mistake and... Continue Reading →

Basted eggs – the best eggs you’ve never heard of

Everyone knows about fried and poached eggs, but what if the two styles forged an alliance and changed your breakfast routine forever? That's a basted egg.

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