All right, you got me! I’ve never really spent five seconds with Gordon Ramsay. That being said, I did recently watch a video for an online MasterClass cooking school . Used as a promotion video to entice home cooks to sign up for a four hour video instruction series taught by the chef and TV host, one particular five-second segment did in fact change my knife skills, hopefully for the better and forever.

You can watch the video below and see if you have the same “A-HA” moment I did at about 30 seconds in.


And I always thought that the three-fingered salute was just for rebooting your PC. I don’t know exactly what it was about the way he showed it but it was huge for me. Maybe the way he threw his hand down on the board first, or the angle, but even though I’ve been working on my skills with kitchen cutlery for several years, I just never felt comfortable holding the food I am cutting. That was until the first time I tried what he showed.

Thanks Gordon! Who know’s maybe I’ll sign up for the rest of the class too!

How are your knife skills? Have you ever taken a course on it? Are you a subscriber to MasterClass? Share below by leaving a reply, and if you’re interested in the knives I use, just go to my Equipment List and see what I have.