Hi! Thanks for visiting my food blog – Chez Villa, where reservations are never required.

Let me be up front and get this out of the way, I am not a chef. As of yet, I’ve never taken a cooking class, and I am certainly no baker.. I wouldn’t say I’m a “foodie” but I do love food. I guess you could call me a home cook, but only by default. Ultimately, I am someone who seems to have a chronic and pathological compulsion to feed myself (and usually others) several times through the course of any given day. Who knew, right?

So what’s this site all about?

My goal for this site is pretty simple. I’m looking to share my expieriences preparing all types of food. Food prepared any number of ways. Hopefully, more often than not, what I try in the kitchen turns out well. Sometimes not. Either way, I’ll share. I’m not necessarily planning to teach you how to cook, but I will be telling you how I’ve learned what I have.

Very little I have is original to me. Sure, there’s a few recipes I’ve developed over the years, but even then they were developed by starting with someone else’s and adjusting it over time. Whenever I can, though I will be citing my sources, whether commercial or free. I’ll provide links and describe how I may have changed something.

I don’t have a professional kitchen, but I certainly have some favorite tools, gadgets, devices and the like. I’ll catalog my equipment lists and when I can, explain how I chose it, ended up with it, or just had it show up one day. I’ll also share my wish lists with you. I’m always looking to add new things, some are very modest in price and of course some are on the dream list for “maybe someday” but either way, I’ll share.

About Me

13902789_10209677968768177_4403808366705931887_nMy name is Mike Villa. I’m 47 years old, been married to my wife, Lisa for the last 21 years, have 4 kids – my oldest Katie (18) who’s in college now; the twins Tony and Elisabeth (16) who are both juniors, but in different schools; and my baby, Caroline (11) who’s in the sixth grade this year.

I’m the founder and partner in my own Internet development business – Dovetail Internet Technologies, serve as a Scoutmaster for my son’s Boy Scout troop, and am always being pulled in one of several directions. Pretty typical existence these days. So what do I do in my “free” time? When I can, I love to cook. In the kitchen, in the backyard, at my house, at someone else’s house, for 6 people, or 30, or even once and a while over 100 for whatever event I have to help run.

What makes me an authority in food?

It’s simple, I’ve been eating my whole life. That’s it. Well, that and I guess that others tell me that what I do in the area of food is more often good, sometimes even “delicious” or “fantastic” and once and a while even “oh my God” worthy. Technique is what’s most important to me, but flavor is almost just as important. How do ingredients and process come together, predictably. under what circumstances and when do you use them. My quest is to master as much of that as possible.

Perhaps, nobody will ever really read the posts on this site, and that’s OK, because even if I am the only one who ever does, I will have a pretty great cooking journal of my world in the kitchen, a world I’ve come to know as Chez Villa. Welcome.