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The Ten Commandments of BBQ

I've come up with a list of truths that I hold to be self-evident in BBQ - thus I submit to you my Ten Commandments of BBQ....


Grilled Corn on the Cob

Perhaps one of the greatest summertime treats here in New England is locally grown corn on the cob. As a kid we used to love it. My parents would buy it from a local stand in town and prepare it... Continue Reading →

Perfect BBQ ribs using Raichlen’s new math – the 3-1-1

It was 32°F on December 31st here in central New England, and so it seemed as good a day as any for barbecue to me. We were attending a New Year's Eve get-together that evening with some friends and offered to bring... Continue Reading →

How To: Smoke Salt in a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

I was reading through The Barbecue! Bible - Sauces, Rubs and Marinades by Steven Raichlen the other day looking over barbecue sauces and saw how many recipes call for adding liquid smoke or smoked salt to them. I'm not a big... Continue Reading →

Smoke a brown sugar and honey glazed ham for Christmas

For Thanksgiving, along with the traditional turkey with all the fixin's, I also smoked a ham this year. This recipe is great any time of the year, but would be a fantastic treat for your Christmas dinner. I'll lead with... Continue Reading →

If I had 3 days to go back to school

I haven't been in school for 25 years, but if I could, I would go back to university in a heartbeat - Barbecue University that is.  Steven Raichlen is one of my certified food gods. I mean, he literally wrote... Continue Reading →

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings from Masterbuilt’s John McLemore

Today we are going to a Christmas party. We were asked to bring some sort of appetizer, and that's a great reason to do some of Masterbuilt's John McLemore's sweet and spicy chicken wings! The video inspiration follows, and below... Continue Reading →

London Broil on a gas grill

London Broil is an inexpensive, thick, chewy cut of  beef with practically no marbling. With a tendency to be even a little gamy, it can be a challenge to cook and make enjoyable. Now, I don't use the gas grill... Continue Reading →

Greasing your grill’s grates vs. oiling your food

To grease or not to grease? That is the question? You know there are conflicting ideas out there about whether or not you should grease your grill grates. If you happen to have a Weber grill you may have noticed... Continue Reading →

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